In case you’re in Israel…

Adding this to my wish list, even though there’s little chance I’ll get to see it myself.


Just found out about Invitation to Silence / Dialogue in Silence, an experience in communication within a “deaf world.”

Apparently, they give you really good sound-blocking headphones and embark on a journey which explores the entire range of unspoken expression – through hands, faces, bodies and more.

It’s not a sign language exhibition, although there is a signing component at the end – but as with any good sign language course, the emphasis is not on vocabulary or grammar but on the “dance” of communication:  these three elements – hands, face, body – moving in space and sharing a message without necessarily using words of any kind.

The goal is not “disability” awareness as such but, with hearing guides leading each group, more of an exploration of the meaning of disability – exactly the stuff I find so fascinating.

Watch a video of the Dialogue in Silence experience here.


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