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Homeschool Diary #5: 19 Cheshvan, 5771


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Sorry it’s so late in the week this week.  No excuses except I’ve been sick and we’ve been busy.  Not so much with schooling, but some.  Everything is a great, big blur, but I’ll try to reconstruct the last few days.  The important thing is we’re having fun and we’re all learning lots!


  • Morning
    • Swimming lessons
    • Hebrew Reading/Writing:  continue with Kriyah v’Od/קריאה ועוד (Migdalor)
    • Election day!  (brought kids to vote and showed the ballot)
    • Began Chayei Sarah parsha sequencing activity (I wasn’t going to start so early, but Naomi asked if we could)
  • Afternoon
    • Reading practice (one old, one new Bob Book)
    • Mock “Family Election” for leader of our family (Naomi won)
    • Naomi created ballots most of the afternoon
    • Phonics:  Explode the Code
    • Handwriting Without Tears:  Letters and Numbers for Me
    • Began reading Charlotte’s Web
  • Evening
    • Naomi’s ballet

Tuesday (Ted off)

  • Morning
    • Skipped aerobics class; I was out – helping somebody with her computer
    • Ted took kids to library
  • Afternoon
    • Ted took kids to Mrs. ViKi
    • On her own, Naomi began a series of illustrations for the “Princess & the Pea” story.
  • Evening
    • Continued “Princess and Pea” illustrations
    • Art class with Ted (I went out to tutor Hebrew)
    • Continued Charlotte’s Web

DSC08307Wednesday (Ted late)


  • Morning
    • Reading practice (one old, one new Bob Book) (works best if we do it first thing in the morning)
    • Math:  Begin Judy Clock Time-Telling Activity Book
    • Math:  Miquon Orange & rods
    • Begin weekly parsha
  • Afternoon
    • Outdoor time
    • Science:  Ants/Butterflies Venn Diagram to reinforce “same/different” discussion from today
    • Science/Reading together:  Continue “butterflies” reading selections or video,
    • Science:  summary/narration
    • Science:  complete reading/library log


  • Morning
    • BRCD Sign with Young Children
  • Afternoon
    • Parsha Review
    • NEW:  Parsha Narration & illustration – I hope!
    • Gdcast parsha video (yes, it’s a reward for getting to the narration)

I’d love to see what YOUR Jewish homeschool family is up to this week!

Resources we’re enjoying this week:

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My own homemade printables (click for full-size):

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