Homeschool Diary #4: 3 Cheshvan, 5771


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GREAT GIVEAWAY!  I don’t know why I’m posting this, because I really don’t want the competition… but I’d love for either me or one of my readers to walk away with a game of Pick and Draw, a cartooning card game that inspires kids.  Mommzy at Our Jewish Homeschool Blog is giving away one deck at her blog at the end of the month.  See how I made the link really small, so maybe you wouldn’t see it?  ;-)

At last, a quiet lounging around the house day - yay.  Ted is home, nothing to do with the holiday long weekend, but he worked yesterday and just happens to be off today.  Still, the kids are screaming, so I have kind of thrown this together and it is very subject to change as the week goes on.

Sunday (yesterday):

Monday (Ted off, programs cancelled due to holiday):

  • Morning
    • Davening (now using Artscroll Children’s Siddur)
    • Reading practice (one old, one new Bob Book)
    • Hebrew story reading (library book:  מטילדה עושה צרות)
    • Hebrew writing practice with “Ants” sheet which we never got to last week
  • Afternoon
    • Outdoor time:  collect ants plus dirt/sand (raid local school’s sand box)
    • Reading together:  Almost finished the INTERMINABLE Little House Book…
  • Evening
    • Supper with family


  • Morning
    • Tuesday-morning aerobics & free childcare (GZ cried when I dropped him off last week, so we’ll see how it goes…)
    • Davening
    • Hebrew:  Alef-bet learning site
  • Afternoon
    • Science:  “Suggested reading” - ants (Usborne First Book of Nature)
    • Science:  Ants (life cycle) colouring page & labelling
    • Science/Hebrew:  Finish “Ants” Hebrew Song & Copywork Sheet 


  • Morning
    • Phonics:  Explode the Code
    • Handwriting Without Tears:  Letters and Numbers for Me
    • Starfall Books / Activities
    • Dunno what we actually did… mostly got dressed & ready to go
    • Oh! - Science/Art:  Fingerprint ant pictures (moved from Thursday at Naomi’s request)
    • And Reading practice (one old, one new Bob Book)
  • Afternoon


  • DSC08219 Morning
    • Math:  Miquon Orange & rods
    • Starfall Books / Activities
    • Math/Science:  Split-pea bin  or change it up and use rice?  Hide objects in the rice/peas?  Make it more fun. (DIDN’T GET TO THIS LAST WEEK)  (OR THIS WEEK, I guess!)
    • Outdoor time  (weather permitting) NOPE, COLD & RAINING!
  • Afternoon
    • Handwriting Without Tears:  Letters and Numbers for Me
    • Phonics:  Explode the Code
    • Science/Reading together:  Last “ant” reading selections (Living Learning Books)
    • Science:  Update reading/library log & do summary/narration
    • Start Parsha (from My First Parsha Reader)
  • Evening
    • Family library time (& my Thursday-night aerobics class)


  • Morning
    • BRCD Sign with Young Children class cancelled this week!
  • Afternoon
    • Parsha Review (parsha poem)
    • NEW:  Parsha Narration & illustration (didn’t work out last week… let’s try it again!)
    • Gdcast parsha video

Resources mentioned this week (some repeated from last week):


“Ants” Hebrew(ish) Song & Copywork

Other Resources mentioned this week:

image image image image


 image image image image image


  1. Here is ours

  2. Fantastic - I will check it out!

    By the way, I don't want to box anybody into a day-by-day format.

    Whatever you prefer to post is great! A weekly summary of learning objectives, a few key "lessons" you'd like to get to, events/outings planned... you know, really it can be ANYTHING.

    I only decided on a day-by-day format for our homeschool because that may save me the trouble of doing detailed lesson planning, plus (if I update it properly) give me a journal to look back on to compensate for my lousy memory!

    So don't hold back - grab the logo and post ANYTHING!


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