Homeschool Diary #4: 10 Cheshvan, 5771


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Okay, I am clearly planning WAY too much to fit into each week.  Typical.  So this will hopefully be a bit of a pared-down kind of week. 

All our butterfly materials are here for the next Living Learning Science unit, plus a video, plus we went to visit a butterfly conservatory last week, but my heart is totally not in science… still, since the kids are interested, I guess we’ll shlep through it.

I’d love to see what YOUR Jewish homeschool family is up to this week!

Sunday (today):  Bob Books Reading:  Set 2, one new book, one old book


  • Morning
    • Davening (if time before swim)
    • Swimming lessons
    • Hebrew:  Begin reading/writing book קריאה ועוד (Migdalor) – Naomi liked it!  It comes with stickers!  (some, not too many)
  • Afternoon
    • Hebrew:  Continue with alef-bet learning site
    • Hebrew story reading (library book:  כובעים למכירה = Caps for Sale!)
    • Hebrew writing:  finish “Ants” sheet – we never finished last week!!!  oh, well… some things just don’t work out, I guess.
  • Evening
    • Planned a Little House on the Prairie-thon to finish the last 2 chapters… and then couldn’t find the book!  Watched the pilot on YouTube instead!  Somebody has helpfully posted a condensed (key scenes only) version of pilot in 4 easy-to-watch 7-9 minute episodes:  here’s Part 1 (just look for Parts 2-4 from the same user).  Naomi REALLY enjoyed the “movie.”  And I enjoyed how fast it was to watch!
    • imageStarted our brand-new Book of Centuries!  I explained it to her and together, we looked up dates and added the following:  Laura Ingalls, Avraham Avinu, Naomi Rivka, Bubby, Mommy, Christopher Robin, Beethoven.  After she went to bed, I found illustrations to go with our hand-written entries and glued them in.  History is coming to life already…

 Tuesday (Ted’s late day):

  • Morning
    • Davening w/Ted
    • Tuesday-morning aerobics:  kids home with Ted @ Mrs ViKi?
    • Sort, Pattern, Graph (both kids) for sorting, graphing & patterning activities including this one (thanks to Mommzy for the tip-off!)
    • Introduced graphing with a rice bin treasure hunt:  searching for fridge magnets.  Sorted 24 found fridge magnets:  big letters, small letters, numbers.  Counted and tally-marked each group.  Then sorted them into 6 rainbow colours.  Counted and tally-marked each group, talked about MOST, LEAST.  Graphed the groups on a rainbow graph and analyzed for MOST, LEAST, MORE THAN, SAME, LESS THAN, BETWEEN.
  • DSC08276 Afternoon


  • Morning
    • Davening
    • Math:  Miquon Orange & rods
    • Math/Science:  Split-pea bin  or change it up and use rice?  Hide objects in the rice/peas?  Make it more fun. done on Tuesday!
    • Handwriting Without Tears:  Letters and Numbers for Me
    • Phonics:  Explode the Code
    • Starfall Books / Activities
  • Afternoon
    • Outdoor time & narration (weather permitting)


  • Morning
    • Davening
    • Outdoor time (weather permitting)
  • Afternoon
    • Science/Reading together:  Continue “butterflies” reading selections or video, update reading/library log
    • Science:  summary/narration
    • Continue Butterflies sheet in Hebrew
    • Start Parsha (from My First Parsha Reader)
    • Easy Parsha Cut n’ Paste Activity (download from e-chinuch here)
  • Evening
    • Family library time (& my Thursday-night aerobics class)


  • Morning
    • BRCD Sign with Young Children
  • Afternoon
    • Parsha Review
    • NEW:  Parsha Narration & illustration – I hope!
    • Gdcast parsha video (yes, it’s a reward for getting to the narration)

Resources We’re Enjoying this Week:


My own homemade printables (click for full size):

image image




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