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Homeschool Diary #3: 26 Tishrei, 5771


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Oh my gosh… I have been trying ALL DAY to find a second to post this!!!  What a crazy week this is cracking up to be.  All of our City of Toronto parks & rec classes etc are now in full swing and everything else seems to be starting up now as well.

Plus, until we find out whether or not he’s been accepted into a “real” school, YM must get started on his AMDEC work or miss a critical deadline and risk jeopardizing (once again) his entire year.  So I’m homeschooling a big guy as well, albeit a fairly independent one.

Sunday (yesterday):

  • Hebrew/Parsha:  Appropriate selections from Korim Tanach (library book, see image below):  HaBriyah (we also own this), Gan Eden, Noach.
  • Reading (one old, one new Bob Book)


  • Morning (Ted late)
    • FIRST CLASS Swimming Lessons (both littles)
  • Afternoon
    • Reading (one old, one new Bob Book)
    • Reading together:  Still the same INTERMINABLE Little House Book…
  • Evening
    • Naomi’s ballet


  • Morning
    • FIRST CLASS my Tuesday-morning aerobics & free childcare
    • FIRST CLASS BRCD Homeschool Intermediate Signing Class (just Naomi, Naomi & me…?)

ants 002

  • Afternoon
    • Science:  Begin “suggested reading” - ants (Living Learning Books)
    • Science:  Ants (body parts) colouring page & labels
    • Science/Hebrew:  Begin “Ants” Hebrew Song & Copywork Sheet (but first, I have to create it!)
    • Hebrew:  Alef-bet learning site


  • Morning
    • Homeschool Animation Workshop at the NFB
  • Afternoon
    • Phonics:  Explode the Code
    • Handwriting Without Tears:  Letters and Numbers for Me


  • Morning
    • Math:  Miquon Orange & rods
    • Outdoor time
  • Afternoon
    • Math/Science:  Split-pea bin or change it up and use rice?  Hide objects in the rice/peas?  Make it more fun.
    • Weekly Parsha (My First Parsha Reader)
    • Science/Reading together:  Continue “ants” reading selections (Living Learning Books)
    • Science/Hebrew:  Finish “Ants” Hebrew Song & Copywork Sheet
    • Reading:  Starfall book/activities?
  • Evening
    • Family library time (& my Thursday-night aerobics class)

Friday (Ted off):

  • Morning (w/Ted)
    • Outdoor time / Nature study:  drawing from nature
    • (I will be at BRCD Sign with Young Children class!)
  • Afternoon
    • Parsha Review (My First Parsha Reader, unless I find something better)
    • NEW:  Parsha Narration & illustration
    • Gdcast parsha video

Aaaaaghhhhh!!!  I have no idea how we are going to get through this week.  I have no idea if I’m doing enough – or too much.  :-o

Resources mentioned:


“Ants” Hebrew(ish) Song & Copywork

Other Resources:

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