Good Shabbos! (parshas Lech Lecha)

DSC08228I love it when relevant Jewish/parsha/homeschool activities are super-easy to plan and throw together.  This one took about 15 minutes during naptime today.
(Printable PDF file here)
(The verse, which I didn’t bother translating, is Hashem saying to Avram, “Look now to the skies and count the stars; it is impossible to count them.”  And He said to Avram, “So shall your offspring be.”)
Not exactly a craft, but I think it’s cute.  It was meant to reinforce the message – the pride and responsibility – that comes with the legacy of being Avram’s “grandchildren.”  In my case, because their fathers were geirim* (converts), they are all literal grandchildren in a sense as well.
You could use any clip art of stars and superimpose your own kids’ (shrunk-to-size) digital photos.  I borrowed this one.
Naomi Rivka had so much fun cutting out her siblings’ pictures and pasting them on!  I think the activity had some novelty for her in part because we don’t do a lot of “busywork” like cut-and-paste type activities (though I always look longingly at the books, I control my desire to buy every curriculum-type thing I see!).
So even though it was fun, I don’t see a host of cut-n-paste activities in our future.  Though it will be tempting to do some more, since she really did enjoy it…
* (Okay - there’s NO good way to conjugate the “were geirim” in the last sentence… one father is dead and WAS a geir and one father is alive and IS a geir.  Probably TMI to begin with.)
**(And in case you’re wondering what I meant by the “geir” thing altogether… every geir or giyores, when he or she takes a Hebrew name, is known as ____ ben/bas Avraham v’Sarah – they are spiritual children of Avraham and Sarah, and no longer “belong,” in that sense, to their biological parents.)
So good Shabbos!


  1. What a fun looking activity. I am printing this out for Froggy. She is all about cutting and pasting right now as is evidence by her glue and scrap covered art table.

    She loves to go cut and paste when she has nothing else she needs to be doing.


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