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Good Shabbos! (parshas Lech Lecha)

DSC08228I love it when relevant Jewish/parsha/homeschool activities are super-easy to plan and throw together.  This one took about 15 minutes during naptime today.
(Printable PDF file here)
(The verse, which I didn’t bother translating, is Hashem saying to Avram, “Look now to the skies and count the stars; it is impossible to count them.”  And He said to Avram, “So shall your offspring be.”)
Not exactly a craft, but I think it’s cute.  It was meant to reinforce the message – the pride and responsibility – that comes with the legacy of being Avram’s “grandchildren.”  In my case, because their fathers were geirim* (converts), they are all literal grandchildren in a sense as well.
You could use any clip art of stars and superimpose your own kids’ (shrunk-to-size) digital photos.  I borrowed this one.
Naomi Rivka had so much fun cutting out her siblings’ pictures and pasting them on!  I think the activity had some novelty for her in part because we don’t do a lot of “busywork” like cut-and-paste type activities (though I always look longingly at the books, I control my desire to buy every curriculum-type thing I see!).
So even though it was fun, I don’t see a host of cut-n-paste activities in our future.  Though it will be tempting to do some more, since she really did enjoy it…
* (Okay - there’s NO good way to conjugate the “were geirim” in the last sentence… one father is dead and WAS a geir and one father is alive and IS a geir.  Probably TMI to begin with.)
**(And in case you’re wondering what I meant by the “geir” thing altogether… every geir or giyores, when he or she takes a Hebrew name, is known as ____ ben/bas Avraham v’Sarah – they are spiritual children of Avraham and Sarah, and no longer “belong,” in that sense, to their biological parents.)
So good Shabbos!