Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Easy Paper Butterflies! and Cookie Caterpillars!

DSC08305Well, I can’t find the post where I was so proud of myself for folding a paper boat, Curious George-style, but this is WAY cooler. 

Only took me three tries (once with blank paper, once to mess up the butterfly paper, and once – in front - to do it right!), but these are actually quite simple to make (okay, one step made me want to kill myself, but I persisted) and they fly EXTREMELY well. 

  • List of printable full-colour templates here (for Monarch Butterfly, click here).
  • All versions, regardless of design, use the step-by-step folding instructions here.
  • But skip the folding instructions and go straight to the video, which is what REALLY helped me!

Practice on a plain white paper for your first attempt – and also because the tail design on the basic model is amazing – no tape, no glue,  no staples, it just stays on by its own self!!  (monarch doesn’t use the basic tail design)

Toss them hard – these aren’t the wimpy paper airplanes of my childhood.  Other templates are available as well, but our science theme this week is butterflies.

Homeschool diary update in the morning.  Tomorrow’s highlights include these butterfly planes and wrapping up this science unit on butterflies with these paper butterflies and some low-tech “caterpillar” sugar cookies while we watch the rest of our butterfly video.

I’ll stick the postscript here:  the cookies were a hit!  The dough was a bit crumbly at first, but holds together well wen squeezed, and the choco chips made them ever so cute.  Naomi helped with the first batch:




While the kids ate them, I rolled out a second batch.  Turned out those were way bigger than the first.  Here they all are together!