Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Coming in for the winter…

Toronto’s “average frost date” – the date cautious gardeners should anticipate the first fall frost, came and went on October 6th.  Naturally, I did nothing to mark the occasion.

But the 10-day forecast is showing some pretty low temperatures this week (going down to 3, which means possible frost, on Thursday and Friday.  So things MUST start coming in.

For some things, I bring in the whole plant, like these spider plants…


Others, like coleus, do better and stay healthier if the plants are propagated from cuttings each year.  I’m hoping to avoid last year’s Coleus Disaster, wherein I lost about 30 baby plants due to cold house temperatures (I let it get down to 14-15° some days) and damp and mold.  

This is the Coleus Class of 2010:  about 35-40 cuttings from my favourites of this year’s coleus, lined up in glasses on the windowsill.  I took a few last week; those ones are starting to root already.  You just stand them in a glass – getting them started is the easiest thing in the world… but keeping them going; well, that’s another story.