Bad computer MONTH…

image Just like some people have bad hair days – weeks, months, years, etc. – I have bad computer days – or, in this case, MONTH. Since we got back from NYC to find a virus on the desktop computer, things have not been 100%. And starting last week, we’ve been plagued by a “search results hijacker,” which takes seemingly normal-looking Google search results and, when you click them, brings you to any one of a number of terrible spam websites. For what purpose, I have no idea.

I have to admit, this is a first for me: I have never EVER met a malware I couldn’t remove myself. But this one (or many) seems WAY beyond the level of DIY, and so I have escalated to the great computer gurus in the sky:

This is a site I have visited many, MANY times in my endless attempt to keep the computers here clean and running well. But I have never had to turn to their experts – all volunteers – until now.

The site is unbelievably well-run, and I have so much respect for the people who answer questions from dummies like me – for FREE! – in their spare time.

Feel free to follow my adventures at their site on my own personal problem-reporting thread here.

And if you have computer problems of your own – viruses, malware, or anything else you can think of – consider submitting it to their experts. You will need a little technical savvy and a bit of a DIY spirit (and hopefully a good backup program – which I don’t!) but armed with those tools, you just may get your computer back up and running once again…

Monday evening (Oct 11) P.S. You apparently also need patience. I just checked the forum where I posted my trouble report and it's indicating that the volunteer helpers are taking about 7-8 days to get back to people about their problems... blah. But I will wait, and use yahoo search in the meantime, because I really want to get whatever this it out of our system.


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