Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Wonderful News from the Government!

Yes, according to a personalized letter I just received from my Ontario government, recent tax changes – including the brilliant move from a 6% GST to a 13% HST – will not only not cripple the province, it will, in fact, create almost 600,000 brand-new jobs.


FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY-ONE THOUSAND?  What are those people doing now?  Am I one of those people??

Hmm… and what kind of jobs are they?  I’d be kind of suspicious if they all involve some type of tax thing.

Call me a dummy, but I don’t see how things costing more now makes this part of the world an especially attractive place to invest in business.

I like this letter, though.

That’s because the gist of the letter was that while some people truly deserve to have their money taken away, others – like me! – really don’t (oops!).  So they are easing the transition with a deposit of money to my bank account, which they will immediately proceed to take back from me via every cash register in the province.

Letters like this provoke so many fascinating questions…