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Weather – or not…

Sukkah How is it that the weather can go from swelteringly “can’t think” hot to shiveringly “can’t move” cold in a span of what seems like TWO WEEKS???  It’s under 20° in the house and I fear we’re going to go straight from sandals to parkas.

I was so excited – with an “early”* Rosh Hashanah, I was all set for “Israeli” sukkah weather – mild, gentle evening breezes and sunny wasp-filled days.  Ted’s even planning on installing a window for our sukkah to make it even lovelier.

As it is, the current weather report for the first two evenings shows 20° and thunderstorms.  If it’s dry, I’ll say dayeinu, but if it’s warm… well, maybe Hallel.

* “Early” appears in quotes for the simple reason my family is so sick of hearing from me:  Rosh Hashanah actually always falls on the SAME date – 1 Tishrei.  So there.