Want, want, want…


Amazing product!  This is the TV-B-Gone, and from what I can tell, it’s a real electronic device – not a joke.  It lets you turn off almost any common model television as long as you are within remote-control range.

I can see a million uses for this:  the community centre where we swim which constantly has a TV blaring, my in-laws’ house, where people sit around not watching, the waiting room of the pediatric dentists’ office… basically, anywhere you go that a TV is on for no good reason.

I wish you didn’t have to point the thing AT the TV in question, because that would make it trickier to distract people while you do it.  The site does “recommend seeking others' approval if you think switching a TV off (or on) may bother them” (“say, in a sports bar”).

At $20 plus shipping, it’s a little pricey just to turn off other people’s televisions for them.  I wish I could somehow trick them into thinking I have many readers so I can get a “review copy.” 

But still – cool.  Glad somebody thought of that!

p.s.  To hear the somewhat-jangly jingle, click here.


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