Sukkos crafts: gourd & apple decorating

Our annual chol hamoed funfest!  I always wonder if something counts a s a “craft” if all you’re doing is going at whatever-it-is with a sharpie.  Like the challah covers two weeks ago.  Sharpie crafts are NOT really crafts.  But they are easy, fast and fun…so there.

(plus, they are great for the SHORT attention span of the busy busy teenage set)

If you try this, do take a few minutes ahead of time and use Liquid Paper / Wite-Out to define the eyes and/or mouth.  It makes a big difference – the marker colours totally “pop” against pure white in a way they don’t right on the gourd itself.

Ted’s – the best, of course:

gourds 002

Elisheva’s glittery pink gourd:

gourds 009

A couple of mine (I get all the ones nobody else wants):

gourds 001  gourds 003 

Naomi’s little pumpkin (foreground):

gourds 004

For a change of pace, I also carved an apple head.  I just have to be patient and wait 2 weeks while it either dries or attracts an infestation of fruit flies.  Given our history here, it will probably be the latter, but I soaked it in a lemon juice and salt mixture, and so far, the flies don’t seem interested.

   gourds 007


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