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Six Word Saturday: 18 Tishrei, 5771 (Sukkos)

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Aaaaagh! I’m not gonna take it anymore!!!

(yup, that’s 6 words… cuz “aaaaaagh” is a noise – not a word)

I’m sitting here, doing nothing, when there are THREE sinkfuls of dishes waiting to be done. And we only have one sink, so that’s quite an accomplishment.

I’m okay with that – or, as my mother has been saying incessantly since before yom tov, “it’s all good.” (Sounds like she got into somebody’s ganja when she says it… she’s not usually the “mellow” type.)

For the first time EVER, I think, we had three days of Yom Tov, and guests at EVERY SINGLE MEAL. Even the guest who called to cancel on Tuesday (“You’re going to kill me.”) showed up unexpectedly today (“Okay, yes, you’re right – let me kill you NOW.”)

Every single meal was delightful, if I say so myself, and for the first time, I think we hit the perfect balance of meat vs dairy (meat the first night, followed by three dairy meals, followed by two meat meals on Shabbos).

We were slightly out of food by the time today’s meal rolled around, so I was heavily relying on a) a large pot of turkey/chicken cholent and kishke, and b) the fact that nobody is genuinely hungry by the SIXTH yom tov meal in a row.

The only big drag was the DISHES.

Eat, wash… eat, wash… eat, wash… over and over and OVER. I dunno. Many people I know use paper and plastic stuff. Or have a babysitter / nanny / cleaning lady? Or… not invite people for every single meal? But what an opportunity! Our house is so small, we can usually only have people over one at a time, or a couple at a time. TWO couples? What a treat!

(am I the only person in the WORLD who dreams of making aliyah because there’s a chance I may get to live somewhere BIGGER than my current home…???)

We have been so lucky with the weather: we had three beautiful sukkah nights in a row – that never happens here. But at lunch today, our luck ran out. Following two days of wind and a big-kid temper tantrum that involved door-slamming and walls shuddering, the schach beams started falling in earnest (a couple had dropped so far, and I made the girls sleep under the table last night, just in case). When it began to rain on top of that, I made everybody relocate inside.

Happy that I did, since a beam later fell right in the middle of the table.

All in all, much eating and rejoicing, many helpful deeds done by willing children (also many helpful deeds done by kvetching, screaming, crying, children).

But I’m not looking at the dishes until at LEAST tomorrow morning. Right now I am rewarding myself – guiltily, because Ted is still at work – with a few hours of mindless internet time.

Mmm… deep-fried butter, anyone???