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Rosh Hashanah Poem: Four Special Names

ראש השנה / Rosh Hashanah:   תשרי א-ב ,תשע”א / September 8-10, 2010

What if I told you I had four special names,

And it wasn’t a lie and it wasn’t just games?

No, it’s true; yes, it’s true,

What I’m saying to you:

Lined up like pictures in four shiny frames.

clip_image006image Trumpets are loud; they call us to attention

That’s why Yom Teruah deserves the first mention.

image clip_image008Just don’t forget – no, you must not do that,

That’s why Yom Ha-Zikaron gets a tip of the hat.

image clip_image012But you’ll have to forgive me the tizzy I’m in;

When I think of who judges us on Yom Ha-Din.


imageAnd finally, finally, watch where you’re heading

The year’s not an endless river you’re treading

It’s a circle, you see,

That includes you and me,

So my final name’s one we love spreading.

Rosh is head: at the top you can find us;

Shanah is year, for the old one’s behind us.

clip_image014It’s a birthday, too,

That includes me and you,

And my four special names that remind us!

!לשנה טובה תכתבו ותחתמו

May you be written and inscribed for a wonderful, sweet new year.