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Rosh Hashanah Menu

(in preliminary form)

Please don’t peek… yes, this is basically the same meal plan I made last year AND the year before. I just open up the word document, shuffle the meals around so it fits the format of the current year’s Yom Tov (in this case, adding a day for Shabbos), and DONE. The actual cooking is the tough part, but choosing what to eat has gotten so much easier since I kept track.

Looking back, I think I accidentally overwrote last year’s meal plan with a sad realization about my father. But you can see that two years ago was basically the exact same foodstuffs, maybe in a slightly different order.

Two years ago in September is when my father started getting really sick (in my head: “going downhill” but I translate it to nice-people-speak for my readers’ sake).

It is just awful not even thinking about him anymore. And – shameful secret – sometimes being with just my mother feels so tiresome without that buffer. Just as she buffered for him so he and I never actually had to talk about his illness, he listened to her, all day every day, so we didn’t have to.

What a lousy daughter.







G’s @ Mommy’s house DAIRY

  • taking Neapolitan cake


  • Round Challah
  • Salmon
  • Blintz Loaf
  • Sushi rice salad
  • Broc salad
  • Some kind of cookies
  • Neapolitan cake

Just us MEAT

  • Cholent chicken
  • 3-colour pasta salad
  • Whatever else – kugel?


Mommy MEAT

  • Simanim!
  • Round Challah
  • G fish
  • Squash/Cider Soup
  • Cabbage Rolls
  • Mashed purple tatoes
  • Carrot coins
  • Beets
  • Apple Kugel

Judy / N’s DAIRY

  • Simanim!
  • Round Challah
  • G fish
  • Soup – roasted? leek & tatoe
  • Lasagna
  • w/roasted zucchini

Mommy/Jeff MEAT

  • Mommy-made ROAST meat
  • Apple Kugel


  • Pomegranate
  • Dates
  • Apples
  • Fish head
  • Carrot
  • Beets
  • Bee nest honey


Pareve -

Dairy -