The Potty: A Whiteboard Drama in Three Acts

drama 002Note to self on short-circuiting a GZ meltdown before it starts:  Use humour!   Use pictures!

He didn’t want to stop playing this afternoon to go to the potty before nummies & naptime.  Normally, it would be a screamy melty-showdown beside the potty.  But today, I had my trusty $2 giant stick-on whiteboard pasted on the wall of the kitchen.


Script for 3-Act Drama:

  1. Mommy:  “Go make!”
  2. Little boy:  “No!”
  3. puddle

That’s it.  Deliriously simple… Naomi can even read it herself (and she fixed up the potty picture because it got a bit smudged).

After I drew it, he laughed and laughed, then happily sat down and went in the potty.  (he hadn’t gone ALL DAY :-o)

p.s.  Our Baby Bjorn Potty is much easier to draw than a Mommy, in case you’re wondering… and much funnier for the boy, in any event!


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