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papier-mâché shofar craft

apple 002So it turns out last week’s fast-easy-fun shofar craft is actually kind of fast, easy, and fun to turn into a REALISTIC papier-mâché shofar that really works!!!

I used masking tape instead of stitching up the sides, and stuffed the construction-paper shofar with a rolled-up plastic bag and some crumpled paper wads so it would keep its shape as it was mâché’d…

The first few layers were newspaper, along with flour and water paste.  Once that was dry, I happened to find a paper bag that was exactly the right colour to make a realistic shofar.  Wrapped the whole thing with more flour and water paste and let it dry, then finally polished the whole thing off with a “shellac” of dollar-store glue mixed with water to give it a brushable consistency.

Two days – easy, peasy, done!  The kids (large and small) are all mighty impressed…

apple 001