May not look like much…

cones 2010-09-01 001… but it just may be a kid-friendly way of serving TUNA, SALMON, CREAM CHEESE and EGG SALAD at GZ’s upsherin (What’s an upsherin???  FAQ here!).

(and yes, you’re invited!)

Quick, easy, fun, tidy!  I’ve done this before for my kids but it never occurred to me to do it en masse.  I would make them look a bit nicer than this one, of course.  OR… bowls of salads and people can mix n’ match.

Okay, either way, I know Elisheva will tell me it’s hopelessly tacky.  But do you know how MUCH the places charge for party “platters” with nothing but blobs of these relatively inexpensive substances???  Even with cholov Yisrael cream cheese, DIY could save us dozens and dozens of dollars, if not hundreds.

The only question would be, for adults who would normally wash if I were serving party sandwiches, should they wash and bentsch before and after “party cones?”  If it was only one or two cones, I would say NO, it’s not necessary.  But if they were going to really dig in and make a meal of it, they should probably wash on a piece of pita or something, just to remove all safek.

Not that I’m a competent (or incompetent) poseik halacha, of course… as always, CYLHA!


  1. I think that's a cool idea. Perhaps, for color, you could have DIY "sprinkles" of green onion, tomato, capers, chopped egg, etc, ?? Just a thought.

  2. Brilliant! Fresh chives from the garden - YES!!!


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