Homeschool Diary #2: 12 Tishrei, 5771 (Sukkos)


PLEASE JOIN US!  If you homeschool and plan your schedule week by week, please add a comment below (skipping the Mr Linky; more trouble than it’s worth)!

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It may come as no surprise that this is a “light” week, homeschooling-wise.  Ted’s off work until next weekend, and today kinda-sorta didn’t happen because he let me sleep in until after 11:00 (not something I should complain about).  It’s always sort of a weekend around here when Ted’s home – it throws the whole schedule off.

I will try to throw in a few academics tomorrow, but Wednesday – beyond davening – is probably a lost cause, as we’re having guests for almost all the meals.

Monday:  Mama asleep.  Trip to bank.  Running around outside.  Play with new toys from upsherin / birthday party.  Fun!

  • Outdoor time
  • Reading (one old, one new Bob Book)
  • Reading together:  Little House
  • Phonics:  Explode the Code


  • Davening
  • Signing circle time.
  • Chagim book:  Sukkot
  • Sukkos poem/story
  • Sukkos copywork page (to make up tonight, if time)
  • Math:  continue Miquon Orange & rods
  • Reading (one old, one new Bob Book)
  • We’ll see if we get this all done…


  • Davening with Elisheva
  • Sukkos “strawberry box” craft with Elisheva and/or YM
  • Starfall book / activities

Thursday – Friday – Shabbos:  Sukkos!!!


  1. I will get my act together earlier and post our week next week. It has just been too crazy.

    It is cool that you like Starfall. We loved it and I am credit it completely for teaching Froggy to read.

    We almost tried the strawberry basket craft but went with this one instead.

  2. Saw that you participated in Menu Plan Monday. I also participated and have some vegetarian meals.

    I just started homeschooling too. I have my 3rd week posted for Preschool on my blog right now.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Did I miss week 3 and 4 or has this fallen by the wayside?

  4. In my Windows Live Writer window as I write this! Preempted by supper, laundry, bedtimes, but bli neder, it WILL get up today.


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