Homeschool Diary #1: 5 Tishrei, 5771


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Yesterday began our first “official” homeschool week, but this far from a TYPICAL week.  Anyway, I typed up this loose plan on Monday, and as with my menu plans (which I didn’t do this week!) I will update it as we go along.

Activities are listed in no particular order.  Later on, I’ll work out which subjects are best at which times of day. 

Monday (Ted off work) – we did all this BEFORE I typed it up, so it all really happened:

  • Davening
  • Monday Math (started Miquon Orange Book), played with rods & rod equivalence
  • Reading (one old, one new Bob Book)
  • Read story of Yonah in English and easy Hebrew
  • Began Yonah drawing / colouring book (one page, one illustration)
  • Began “Yonah words” Hebrew copywork page
  • Evening:  challah cover craft!

Tuesday (carless, City of Toronto registration day 7 am):

  • Davening
  • Naomi picked some writing practice she’s been doing on her own – she’s copying the names of family members, over and over.  Good practice!
  • Continue Yonah drawing / colouring (two illustrations)
  • Outdoor time
  • Chagim book:  Yom Kippur
  • Reading together:  Little House
  • Phonics:  continue Explode the Code (from last year)
  • Reading (one old, one new Bob Book)


  • Davening
  • Yonah book cover collage (mostly paint because she wanted to paint)
  • Continue Yonah drawing / colouring (two illustrations)
  • Starfall Book / Activities (GZ likes these, too!) as a reward for finishing whatever
  • Walk to store
  • Reading (one old, one new Bob Book)
  • Too tired; didn’t accomplish much


  • Davening
  • Math:  continue Miquon Orange & rods
  • Chagim book:  Yom Kippur
  • Signing Circle Time
  • Phonics:  continue Explode the Code
  • Finish “Yonah words” Hebrew copywork page
  • Narration:  telling the story of Yonah
  • Reading together:  Bereishit in easy Hebrew
  • Reading together:  Little House
  • Science:  Split Pea Math Play with volume & weight

Friday (no school, upsherin cooking/planning, grave visitin’, Ted off work, busy, busy day):

  • Davening with Elisheva
  • Starfall book / activities
  • Outdoor time with big kids


lootbags 001 Ambleside Online Composer Study / FolksongsIn our spare time, in the car, etc., we have been listening to a CD I made of Ambleside Online’s music selections for this term:  a whole bunch of Beethoven, plus the Irish Rovers singing Waltzing Matilda.  A bit incongruous; I usually fast-forward through the last.  I usually like the Irish Rovers, but it’s not the best version I’ve ever heard – perhaps because they’re not in the least Australian!  For next term (“Tall Men Riding”), I plan to listen to a few versions and choose the best.  We are not doing Artist Study – or Hymns, for the obvious reason.

So what’s your schedule looking like for this week…?


  1. Hey Jennifer, Great idea! I've joined:
    Hope I remember... your regular posting will probably be my reminder, lol.

  2. I would love to know what you do with AO. How much of it do you actually intend to stick with? I would love to swap ideas with another Jewish AO user.


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