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Great Alef-Beit / אלף-בית learning site!

image I came across this page/game/site tonight and I am incredibly impressed so far.

And believe me, I am tough to impress.  Most Israeli kids’ sites have some kind of weirdness, but this one is just mostly kind of cute.  It’s tough to find, however, from the main page, and I fear the site may go under at any time… it has an unstable kind of feel.  Like, the buttons at the top of this alef-beit page take you  out to a totally blank home page.

imageStill, what a lot of fun I imagine this set of online alef-beit/reading lessons could be for someone around Naomi’s age… and you earn these neat prizes when you finish a few easy exercises for each letter.

There are apparently corresponding printable worksheets, but I can’t find them on the “Hop” site.  They are available here (scroll down) but only for alef-through yud.  I checked everywhere I could on the Hop site to find out if they are there somewhere, but given my language barriers, I could have missed it.

I emailed the site to try to find out more about these missing worksheets, which would really help complete this fun curriculum.

My email is utterly pathetic, but I’m getting better.  And my typing speed, and ability to find the tricky “sofit” letters, is getting better… if not all that quickly, it is improving.

Here’s my email:

שלום מטורונטו קנדה!  אני אוהבת כל כך הרבה המשחק אלף-בית על אתר שלכם ואני רוצה ללמד עם ילדים שלי לדבר עברית לפני שאנחנו עושים עליה לארץ ישראל ב-2013.  אבל אני לא יכולה למצא את הדפי "דפי  עבודה אותיות להדפסה הופ!" שאני אוהבת הטוב ביותר ללמד כתיבה.  איפה אני יכולה למצא אותם באתר שלכם?
עוד הדפים כמו אלה:

Here’s what Google Translate tells me I wrote:

Hello from Toronto Canada! I love the game so many thousand - a home [mistranslation of ”alef-beit”] on your site and I want to teach my children to speak Hebrew before we make it to Israel in 2013. But I can not find the pages for printing letters and work sheets hop! " I love best to teach writing. Where can I find them on your site?
More pages like these:

So we shall see… and in the meantime, I’m looking forward to trying the site out on Naomi, as a Hebrew counterpoint, kind of, to Starfall’s excellent online curriculum.