Every year, gettin’ better…

Ted’s sukkah philosophy is to improve it in increments, a little bit each year.  Three years ago, when GZ was born, we had a smallish 8x8 sukkah.  Since then, he’s added another four feet, making it 8x12, plus a special “schach” beam system that makes it a little more kosher, a door on the front, plus, this year, a FRONT WINDOW.

sukkah 017  sukkah 019

Looking back (not great pictures, though).  Our little Sukkah in…

  • 2009
  • 2008
  • okay, nothing older than 2008.  Perhaps on backup CDs somewhere.

Here’s my parents’ sukkah, circa 2008.  Forced jollity. 

weird 241

And you can see why if it was up to me, I’d go with Lubavitch on the issue of decorations…

weird 235 

I just love the look of a bare sukkah!


  1. I included this post in my round-up of Sukkot related links on my homeschool blog, Jewish Homeschooling

    Your sukkah looks awesome! That's a real nice window. Joseph just put the schach up on ours, and... the whole thing looks kind of decent!


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