Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Dip the (giant, paper) apple in the (giant, paper) honey (dish)…

apple 005Yet another Yom Tov-themed papier-mâché project.  This one, far less successful than the shofar project!

For one thing, apples are generally round.  For another, the stem is usually fairly slender.  As the little kids insist on pointing out, if you stand this thing on its stem, it looks like a tree, or a lollipop.

But I don’t care.  Because this set is the ULTIMATE prop for circle time tomorrow morning, when we will all join in singing “Dip the apple,” and I will pass around the giant papier-mâché apple, and all those children who are not actively afraid of it will be able to take a turn dipping it in the custom co-ordinated papier-mâché dipping bowl.

apple 003 apple 004 

(with the “corner” jutting out, the thing really does look like a strawberry, or perhaps just like nothing at all…)