Chol Hamoed Fun Fun Fun!

In which your trusty blogger learns one of those exciting Life Lessons:  How to Change a Spare Tire.

cartire 002

cartire 004

Every moment is a homeschool moment, right???

Ted wanted to call a tow truck.  He said it would “only” be $50.  #1, no WAY is it only $50 to come and tow the car to the dealership out on St Clair.  And #2, we’re going to be paying enough to replace the TWO TIRES that got busted yesterday (coincidence, or sabotage???)… why not take advantage of the FREE spare?

There are so many things around the house that he’s not afraid to tackle that terrify me – like plumbing.  But I’m not afraid of a little car tire…


  1. hooray for you! I'd like to learn that skill sometime...

    but how, HOW on earth did two of your tires die at the same time? You didn't execute a lane-change over those new razor-blade painted lines, did you? :p

  2. I dunno. That's why I hinted that it was some moron with a knife. How do not one but two tires rip on the SIDE???

    One was not actually completely cut through, just had a thick section on the side that looked like it was PEELING off. Wouldn't have taken highway speeds, hence x2 the replacement $.

    Sigh... anyway, now we have new tires!

  3. Hey, you make me sound like a scaredy cat. I just had a bad flashback to the time my 15 year old truck had a flat...
    BTW, the dealership guy said the damage was caused by running over potholes at high enough speeds to cause the tire to compress and then scrape against the metal hub cap.
    I blame the numerous bad roads here in Toronto.


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