Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Another easy, cheap, miscellaneous Jewish craft!

lootbags 007 Not sure how I feel about this one – I don’t love it as much as the challah covers.  Perhaps that’s because I’m drowning in glitter at the moment.  Perhaps it’s because I just don’t like these cheap white kippahs, period.

Anyway, here it is:  the kids’ DIY kippah craft!

Basically, you take a cheap white satin yarmulke and go at it with Sharpies, glue, and glitter.  I wanted to add ribbon trim, but Elisheva talked me out of it.

Very inexpensive:  the kippahs were 50 cents each, the glitter is from the dollar store, and the Sharpies last forever.

Mine (above) turned out kind of, well, hasty-looking (the Sharpies run, so you have to work FAST).  It’s your basic kid-quality quickie craft project that a child might feel very happy and proud about and actually wear to shul or let an adult wear (though I don’t like the “pointy” profile of these kippahs on an adult… on a child, they’d fit better).

Elisheva’s turned out pretty nicely, though:

   lootbags 013 lootbags 014

She used matching Sharpie and glitter for a totally professional look (okay, kind of).  On white suede, it would look VERY good.  On white satin… only kind of half-decent.

Special thanks to head-model Ted for patiently surfing the Web beneath these “bigdei ish” as I photographed them, so we ladies wouldn’t transgress this important mitzvah d’oraysa.  I don’t call him my “knight in white satin” for nothing!