So… in light of this exciting and inspirational aliyah video… if anybody reading this has any knowledge of the Holiest of Lands… where should our next home be???

Nefesh b’Nefesh is currently organizing a big push to the north.  Being Canadian, “true north” sounds good to me.  And I know the whole place gets mighty HOT in the summer (coincidentally, that’s when the Nefesh b’Nefesh groups seem to arrive… if it was me, I might bring them in October)… but 37° in the far north sounds way more bearable than 48° in the south.

According to weather.com, the hottest it’s gotten here this summer (which is remarkably hot and dry for Toronto), has been 34°.  To our credit, there’s humidity, but according to Batya, Israel now has that too.  Great.

Anyway, summertime temperatures aside… in terms of intellectual and spiritual climate ONLY:  where do you see us living out the rest of our lives happily as olim chadashim?

Sorry, I mean עולים חדשים!!!


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