Turning a profit… in String Beans!

pretzels 002Well, this is a first for my shady, blighted garden.

The eight bean plants I bought for $4 and planted at the base of a 4-legged tripod have actually paid for themselves in beans!

We ate a bounty of beans last Friday, picked this colander full today, and will probably have lots more to pick in two days for Shabbos.

Far more than $4 worth of beans. And no, I haven’t spent anything else on improving and maintaining that particular bed (which may be why it’s blighted and nothing else grows there), so anything above the initial $4 is pure profitability, baby!!!

p.s. For next year, if I remember: Plant "Trionfo Violetto" purple pole beans!!! Gayla Trail is growing them and they are purple and look gorgeous. The colour isn't just decorative, either; I'm looking for beans that are easier to spot when ripe. I sent Ted out to pick yesterday and he missed about fifty because they were your standard green-on-green. Hidden in the shadows of the leaves, they’re hard to spot, even the huge, fat ones.


  1. isn't it a great feeling? We're definitely turning a profit on the cucumbers we planted!


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