That’s my girl!

imageIn the car on the way home today before naptime (aka Quiet Reading Time), Naomi told me she was going to read her princesses book and her Barbie book.  They are both collections of “easy reader” books, with several short and insipid stories in each. 

(the Barbies one is from the library, but unfortuntely, we own the princesses one so we can’t get rid of it)

I try not to hate the books too vocally, because Naomi loves them.  So I said, “That’s a lot of reading.  If there are five stories in each book, how many stories will you have altogether?”

She said, “actually, there are six stories in the Barbie book.”

image “Okay, so if the princesses has five and Barbies has six, how many stories do you have altogether?”

Instantly:  “Eleven.”

“What???  How did you know that?  How did you think of that so fast?”

“I just knew that if there were five, and then one more, and then more…”

She doesn’t actually READ the books yet.  She just stares longingly at the pictures, probably willing herself to slip onto the page and into the world of Barbies or princesses, or both.

But yesterday she was reading one in bed and came out to tell me she could read the words.  Basic stuff like “time to get up,” but it’s a HUGE step for her.  She has really resisted the idea of reading until what I resolved would be my final decisive push with our Bob Books over the last few weeks.

I wouldn’t say it’s going great, but she is definitely reading now, and we haven’t formally started any kind of SK curriculum yet, so she’s safely ahead of that milestone.  As with Elisheva, I was sure it would never happen, and then one day… it did.


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