Monday, August 09, 2010

Report Card: who can tell me what this means?

image So I’m sorting through stacks of miscellaneous yeshiva correspondence this afternoon during the littles’ naptime!

Below is the “comments” section from one of the kids’ report cards.  I have blanked out the kid’s name for anonymity.

Here’s what I can make out:  “Kid’s name (n”y = nero yair, “may his light shine”), nitkaven k’nishronos me’ulim umitztayyin k’hivaneh myuchedet yoser mechaverav (=”his very special understanding among his peers”?).  Zehirus (care/caution to… what?) l’natzel bizman k’shleymosa ya’aziv l’havi hakochos hag’dolim (“to bring the big strength”?) el tachlisam (“to their goal/conclusion”?).  Okay, then!

imageThis report card is, I’m sure, the yeshiva’s way of saying “YOU – your weird baal teshuvah family – does not belong here.”  We will pretend to make a million exceptions for your boy in the name of “understanding his background” and then we will send you a report card in a language you never learned.

Here’s one line I did understand:


This boy belongs in yeshiva.  This boy has a gift for gemara, but apparently I can stand here on my blog (okay, sit) chanting it all I like because the yeshiva world is clearly not prepared – is utterly unequipped – to accept him, or understand us.

I am utterly ashamed that I am such an impediment to my children’s education.