Orthodox = OrthoBOX

Why do I hate the word “Orthodox” so much?  Somebody asked me about this at supper tonight and I couldn't believe anyone was still asking, because I feel like I've said it all before... but maybe I haven't.

Off the top of my head:

  • Not a  movement.  Unlike Reform, which was a movement founded by founders intending to create a movement, and unlike Conservative, which was a movement founded by founders intending to create a movement, "Orthodox" was never an intentional Jewish movement and lacks the unifying umbrella organization or statement of principles that link these, Reconstructionist, and a couple of other organized movements of Judaism.  Buying into the terminology buys into the perception of Orthodoxy as a monolithic unified body.  It’s not.
  • It’s Arrogant.  As I've said many, many times, ORTHO does not just mean "right angle."  (Abigail, who was not the original inquirer, helpfully pointed out, "if it's not a RIGHT angle, it's a WRONG angle")  It means “correct” and DOX means “thought” and as I've said so often before, that comes across almost as arrogantly as atheism, which equals me – me, me!  It’s all about ME! – standing on a mountain declaring that I am the pinnacle, the purpose, for which the universe was created.  See this lengthy dvar Torah on last week’s parsha to find out how I feel about that.

And, kinda unspoken, but deeply felt.

  • It’s a Box.  I don’t want to live my Jewish life in a box.  Don’t assume; ask, or just sit around and find out by watching how we live.  Judaism is important to me.  VERY important.  Maybe the most important thing, so of course I act it out in my daily life, as much as I can at any given time.  I’m proud to be defined by Torah and do my best to live up to its high standards.  But not proud to be defined by a shortcut; somebody’s easy idea of a stereotype.  I’m not here to make your life easy, but to make my life meaningful.  So stick around and watch and see, and I’ll happily answer any and all questions.

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