OMG, now I’m scared

Is it possible to die of fatigue while on vacation…?  I have waaaay too much planned for the next 48 hours.  :-o

Still – if you take only one vacation a year, and that vacation only lasts 48 hours, well, you have to cram in as much livin’ as possible… right?



6:30 am, arrive Manhattan Penn Stn

7:00 am, Breakfast – Krispy Kreme

11:00 am, tour at Tenement Museum

12:00 noon, lunch - Tiffin Wallah

1:00 pm, subway to shopping, if time

2:30 pm, leave Manhattan via Port Authority

4:10 pm, arrive Lakewood, change (washroom), walk ? to chasunah

5:30 pm, Chuppah

Later – supper - Prime Wok, grocery shopping?

9:30 pm, Dancing @ wedding


7:55 am, leave Lakewood

9:45 am, arrive Manhattan Port Authority

10:00 am, brunch, Mr Broadway or Moishe Falafel

11:15 am, leave Port Authority to New Windsor

1:23 pm, arrive New Windsor

3:00 pm, leave Spring Valley

4:00 pm, arrive Port Authority

Cram with commuters on the Staten Island Ferry – yay for free sightseeing!

7:00 pm, supper – Noidue (thanks, Batya, for the tip!) or Ben’s Deli

8:00 pm, arrive Penn Stn, wait for bus

8:20 pm, depart Penn Stn


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