New Jewish Homeschooling Resources Page

imageThis is a little bit circular, but here goes… Shira, another Toronto homeschooling mama has set up a Jewish Homeschooling Resources site, and since she has tons of links to my page, I thought I’d scratch her back a little by sticking in a linkie here.

Since every other page I’ve found that attempts to list Jewish homeschool resources is hopelessly out of date, we should probably encourage somebody who’s trying to catalogue the MODERN internet (as opposed to the Internet of 1994, which is what it seems like most of the links pages point to).

If you know of any great sites, pleeeeeze contact Shira to add them.  Meanwhile, she’s got some great stuff already – check it out!


  1. Ha! Sorry to be even more circular, but... Thank you! I appreciate the link back.


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