Menu Plan Monday #26: 6 Elul, 5770

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We are a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher.

Newcomers, you can read my MPM intro here which tells you all about who we are and what we eat, or just visit my super-duper-list-tastic itemization of Everything We Eat.

Fast, fast, fast, before it’s midnight and no longer Monday!!! Also, I don’t know why but somehow I got started calling these posts “Menu-Planning Monday”… but now I’m back to the original title.

Sunday: Sobey’s food: BBQ chicken, Shanghai noodles, roasted potatoes @ Mommy’s house

Monday (Ted’s off day): Ted made Lemon salmon, Madhur Jaffrey basmati rice, frozen veg on the side – all delicious, and I didn’t have to cook!!!

Tuesday: Hot dogs and buns on BBQ, baked beans

Wednesday (Ted’s late day): Fresh corn, homemade pizza w/yves pepperoni

Thursday (Vegan Vursday): Pea soup & pletzel What was I thinking??? Pletzl is virtually identical to pizza! I will have to think of something else. Roasted Wheat and Celery comes to mind, but I dunno if we have any bulgur in the house. Oh, and while it's as veggie as all get out, it's not exactly vegan.

Friday: Dunno, don’t care, I’m done – yay!


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