Menu Plan Wednesday and Thursday

Teddy G. MacLeod here, with the menu plan for the days when J is away having fun and living the good life in NY.
My menu plans are usually complex and take hours to cook, that is, when I am not taking care to two little kids who need more attention than pair of nosy puppies.
So the menu here will be quite simple and really designed to be cooked and served real FAST!

Wednesday: Might as well list all the meals to show how basic it all is...
Breakfast - Special K cereal with freeze-dried strawberries
Snack - Cheese strings, cookie and peaches
Lunch - Wacky Mac
Snack - Graham crackers
Supper - Perogies, french fries and mixed veg
Snack - plums

Thursday: How do I top yesterday's feast?
Breakfast - Omelets (by request)
Snack - Cheese strings, cookie and plums
Lunch - take-out pizza at the park
Snack - Graham crackers
Supper - Home-made Grilled Salmon burgers with french fries
Snack - peaches

Friday: Everyone comes home this morning, so here are a couple of things I will serve.
Breakfast - Left over pancakes (from Tuesday)
Lunch - potato borekahs
Supper - Bubbi is making ribs and I guess I will make roast potatoes, some kind of veg, chicken soup and a dessert of some kind.

Saturday: I'm also doing some things for Shabbos lunch. Same old, same old.
Lunch - Honey Dijon Salmon fillet, cheese blintzes and maybe a broccoli salad


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