Leavin’… on a BUS plane

image Well, it’s the cheap solution to the question “How the HECK am I getting to my friend Dini’s son’s chasunah in two weeks in Lakewood???”

Whoo – the exhilaration of clicking the “Confirm” button, after carefully entering my mother’s credit card number.  Don’t worry – I made myself pay her back online BEFORE I posted this!!!  And I also closed the Notepad document where I typed the information – without saving; the online equivalent of chewing up and swallowing a piece of paper with the number written on it.  Her security code is safe with me and Greyhound.

imageIn case you can’t read the really tiny print here, this is a receipt for the purchase of THREE tickets:  me and the big kids, round trip, to Penn Station, NYC.  Ted’s staying home – I just could not do it with all six of us in a car.  This way, they are overnight trips and we can, theoretically, all get some rest.

Dini says it’s super-easy to get to Lakewood and there’s no problem finding us a place for the night after the chasunah.  Yay!  She sounded so moved that we would come – but there’s no way I would miss it.  Dunno how I’m going to afford this every time one of her 8 kids gets hitched; half are girls, though, so they may get married here.

And now I really do have this dumb version of the classic song running through my head.  “I’m LEA-vin’… on a BUS plane; don’t know if I’ll be back again.”  Well, okay, yeah, the next day.  It’s a day and a half in the gloriously stinky NYC heat, not California dreaming...  (Sigh.  Summer in California.)

What the heck am I going to wear???!  Something with shoulder pads, you can bet.  A sheitel…maybe.


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