Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jewish Homeschool Blog Carnival


Why can’t we have our own carnival??? Let’s do it! A regular, monthly Jewish homeschool blog carnival… why not???

Here are links to all current and past Jewish Homeschool Blog Carnivals so you can see what we’re all about:

What is this blog carnival for? UPDATED November 8!

A blog carnival lists blog posts of interest to like-minded folks. Not just a list of blogs, it singles out those posts which are remarkable, special, interesting. So I want to hear from you - your best posts ever; your best RECENT posts; the stuff you're most proud of:

  • Did you have one amazing perfect day with your homeschooler?
  • Or maybe you had a terrible, frustrating day - and want to vent?
  • Did you find a new way to teach a Jewish (or secular) concept?
  • Did you have a great back-to-homeschool picnic with other kids in your area?
  • Are you a seasoned homeschooler posting tips or advice for others?
  • Do you have printables that you want to share with other homeschoolers? (pretty please...)

If you have blogged about any of the above - or something even more wonderful than I could possibly dream, please submit it here or leave a note in the comments section, below.

I have opened up the concept a little to include all Jewish learning-at-home type blogs and related blog posts. Every child is homeschooled, at least a little, right??? If you have a blog OR if you read a Jewish kids-n-learning blog which inspires you, please submit it here - I would love to include it in my roundup.