Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

I love it!

tichels 2010-08-03 004Wow – amazingly fast!  Only one week for my order to arrive from

I am pretty fussy about headcovering things, but this pretied bandana is about as comfy as they come.  Also, you can’t see here, but it is a lovely turquoise shade.  I don’t wear a lot of turquoise; maybe I should.

The weight is a little thick for this time of year, but my main worry was that it wouldn’t have good “hold” at the hairline.  There’s no front view on the website, so I was very nervous.

But no fear!  It has a very neat border, almost like a plain snood.  Those were extremely popular when I was first married, but you don’t see nearly as many of them now – at least on the street.  And actually, this tichel feels more snug than a snood, which is good, because those used to slip a lot on me.

I don’t know if the snugness will be irritating over time.  I have been wearing it nonstop for about six hours now, however, and so far, so good.  A friend of mine admitted that she hates having anything on her head.  I guess I am more tolerant, as these things go. 

This is a mitzvah that I have grappled with, more than once, because it can be very difficult.  Especially in HOT WEATHER.  Ick.

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