The back-to-school spending begins…

…With a trip to the General Studies (aka English) bookstore.

One Science text, Grade 10 Academic:  $91.  That was the single-biggest expense, book-wise.  The rest came to about $200 altogether. 

(if she finds last year’s math text, we can sell it back to the bookstore for about $20, which we can put towards this year’s $100 math text, which we still haven’t bought because she’s not sure which math she’s going into)

Of course, all of that is just for textbooks you have to BUY.

There’s also $500 for textbook rental – and trip fees.

Oh, and $500 for Student Council fees.

We actually got off easy – we have all the limudei kodesh books she needs, kind of.  We don’t have Trey Eser or Sefer Devarim with Mikraos Gedolos, but she says she doesn’t need them – or something.  And she already has a siddur, milon, chumash with Rashi.  She needs Sefer Kuzari for hashkafa class, but she just snorted and says the teacher gives out copies of the text.  So, $0 for limudei kodesh – yay, big savings!

Ouch, ouch, ouch.  None of this includes uniforms, paper, pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, erasers, sharpies, white-out, or binders.

I still haven’t heard back from the tuition committee.  If they don’t get back to me quickly to tell me how much the actual tuition is going to cost, all the money’s going to be gone…


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