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Things That Hang: July 2010 Edition

It’s July, and welcome once again to Things That Hang!

Here, we have a tomato happily growing in my Vesey’s Revolutionary Planter (year 2 in my garden).  Running out of room for this plant, actually; it’s hanging pretty low and kind of encroaching on one of my other tomato plants.

summertime 010

Experimental hanging zucchini and tomato – the tomato is hanging from the bottom of a regular (read: FREE) hanging plastic planter that I found at the curb last year.  It’s a good-sized pot with a single drainage hole in the centre.  That’s where I stuck the tomato in:  forget those fancy upside-down gadgets and just get yourself a POT with a HOLE in it.    Easy, cheap!

When I hung it up on the trellis, however, I realized the pot had cracked on the bottom over the winter (drat), so I’ll need to chuck it after this season, but meanwhile, it’s holding in the soil and tomato and doing just fine, as is the zuke, which has flowers but no actual zucchinis so far. 

I was hoping the zucchini would cling to the trellis and climb up, but no, it’s just hanging there.  Hopefully, it will still produce something.

 summertime 011 summertime 012 summertime 013

I do have a tomato growing in a grocery bag again this year, but I forgot to get a picture of it.  The bag has ripped, probably due to being exposed to the elements over the winter.

Also, to photograph for tomorrow, my bulletproof side-door Ikea hanging planters – they survived the winter and look quite nice again this summer.  Oh, and my homegrown sweet potato, which is coming along nicely and also hanging just beside the side door!

Okay, it was a lazy photography day… but more tomorrow, I promise!