Sleepy guy…

After dropping off Naomi at her camp, GZ & I once again spent the afternoon down at The Big Carrot (it’s one of my favourite places in the city to just hang out and be) and then Riverdale Farm once again.  No naptime for either kiddie, but both were snacking and cheerful, wide awake on the way home.

We played in the wading pool again after her camp, so we didn’t get home ‘till after 4:30.  Both little kids played more or less nicely until Ted got home, and I ran around frantically making homemade naan for our kinda-vegan Indian-themed supper.

GZ was kvetchy towards suppertime, but he almost always is, even if he’s slept, so I just kept trying to divert him, and finally, just a bit late – okay, around 7 pm – the food was finally ready (and delicious!).

Ted served the naan, rice, curries, and we all sat down.  We were chatting away about any number of things when I happened to glance towards Small Boy in his highchair.

There he was, swaying in his seat, half-asleep while the rest of us ignored him.  His eyes were open, a little, and then they weren’t, and then they’d flicker and open up again, with effort.

Well, Ted got him up and diapered – with a bit of crying, but nothing much – and I went in to nummy him on my bed.  And for the first time, the very first time EVER in five and a half years of continuous nursing, he fell asleep INSTANTLY.  Lay down, got his nummies ready, put his mouth on and – out like a busted air conditioner.

I let him lie there for a few minutes, then transferred him  to his bed.

He’s been dry most mornings lately, by the way.  I’m very excited:  this could easily be the END OF DIAPERS.  His daytime naps have been mostly dry also; if he’d had one today, I would have tried him in just underpants.  As it is, we’ve been recycling the same diaper for naptimes over and over and over.  It barely gets wet now.  I have a load of diapers that needs washing, but there are just too few to toss them into the washer.

When Naomi started staying dry during the day (just before her 2nd birthday; he’s been dry during the day since a little while after his 2nd), I was fatalistic, realizing that we were going to have another little one very soon.

But now… now, the end is in sight.


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