Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Round ‘em up! You (via Google) asked for it! (4th edition)

Well, in June I had almost twice the visitors as I did last year (clarification: in June of last year; I'm not doing THAT well!), and some of you even apparently came back to the site once or twice. So, in your honour, and because I’m putting off making supper while I sit down and have a break, I will answer a few recent Google queries.

(here are links to my two previous search-engine roundups: Roundup #1, (mini)Roundup #2, and Roundup #3)

What are you looking for??? Recent queries where people actually found their answers at my site!

  1. Lots of you want to know about growing vegetables in reusable canvas grocery bags! Good for you, but they don’t have to be canvas… I suspect canvas wouldn’t work as well as a synthetic fabric, such as these grocery bags are made of. In fact, I’m loading up this bag again later on today to hang it with a tomato.
  2. How about a tomato rose sauce??? I’ve got one of those, and it’s very, very easy!
  3. As always, I do have a post about windows live vs. picasa, and yes, despite all my efforts to talk about other things, it is my most popular post ever. I still update it from time to time, but Windows Live is still my go-to blog posting software, that’s for sure.
  4. What is triscuits eco? I dunno, but someone was searching and found my two interesting triscuit-related posts: here and this funny one here.
  5. Lots of people are interested in tomato waterers! If you can’t go sub-irrigated, I hope my review of various tomato watering-things is helpful as the summer days heat up and your plants dry out (or stay moist!).
  6. One urgent query that arrived a few times on Tuesday: shiva asar b tammuz brushing teeth. I hope my Tisha b’Av FAQ from last year was helpful. I used to brush teeth without swallowing on minor fast days, like Shiva Asar b’Tammuz, but don’t do this any longer. I also used to eat on Yom Kippur, and had never heard of Tisha b’Av. We all grow and change!

And then, as always, there were the queries my site probably didn’t answer, such as:

  1. cashier beep games and supermarket cashier games. I do play mind games with cashiers, so maybe that was helpful to these people.
  2. mama wearing only a slip and SEX Israeli MAMA TUBE. Sorry, you’ll have to find another site for those ones. I don’t think my “buy a buff” post would prove helpful, but that’s what they both got.
  3. my embarrasing secrets… um, okay. Why would you Google that? Anyway, I hope that person enjoyed reading about MY embarrassing secret!
  4. Here’s a sad one: homeschool failure. There are always a couple that I wish I could find the person who was searching and just give them a hug.
  5. And finally, there’s… lethargic cat summer. It may not be what he/she was looking for, but I hope this person will enjoy feeding him/herself AND his/her cat from my Lethargic Summer Shabbos menu!