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More on shampoo – or no-‘poo

There’s a blog post at the blog about smelly hair and asking readers how THEY wash their hair, to which I left a comment – okay, mostly because I’m hoping to win another hair-accessory contest, but also perhaps to spread the word.

I don't wash my hair with ANY commercial hair-care products.  Those are mostly designed to strip your hair's natural oils and then replace them with artificial oils that start to look limp and greasy and damage your hair so you need to shampoo and condition even MORE often to keep it looking good. 

I know it sounds like a conspiracy, and I'm not a conspiracy person, but I have been SO tremendously happy since I opted out of this vicious "hair care" cycle.

What I use is a combination of baking soda - for the "wash" step - rinsed clean, followed by apple cider vinegar, diluted with water, and a touch of orange essential oil for a nicer smell.  I was so scared when I started using the vinegar that it would smell terrible, but the vinegary-ness dissipates right away when I air-dry.

I cover my hair almost all the time, and yet it never gets lank and greasy as it did with shampoo.  And with this method, I only have to wash my hair every few weeks, depending on a bunch of variables.

The only thing people don't like about switching to this method is the "weaning" period where your hair is getting used to the lack of shampoo.  Most people report that their hair is oilier during this time as the natural balance is restored.  Once you get through this and onto a regular "no-'poo" cycle, you will have more stunning hair than ever - I promise.  :-)

Here’s a previous post about shampooing vs no-pooing – at the mikveh, of all places.