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Cool thing I found in Montreal!

Teds ottawa 129Well, cool if you’re a garden geek.  It’s an ALLOTMENT GARDEN.  I know we have many of them here, but none of them ever seem to be close to where I live, and a few of them are just plain poky in terms of size.

This one’s just in the middle of everything (see how close it is to the neighbouring apartments?) and it’s huge – taking up a huge city block.  It’s right on Victoria, just south (?) of Van Horne. 

I made Ted take a million pictures, since I didn’t bring my camera.  I always love the higglety pigglety look of an allotment garden, with people dolling up their little area and growing their special plants, but this one just seemed more so, for some reason.

Teds ottawa 128    Teds ottawa 132