Mazel Tov!!!

Wow.  A wonderful friend, who I’ve known since the summer Elisheva was a baby, just called today and told me her son is engaged.

He’s probably 21… maybe a bit older.  Which means he was about 6 when I first met him.

Wow, and wow again.

This is my friend Dini, who I have blogged about before here (more of a ramble).  I don’t see her enough but love her like crazy because she is a) the most wonderful parent I know, and b) the most enthusiastic human being I know.  She is big and brash and totally tzniusdik at the same time.  How does she do it?

(I admire this because I’m a fairly small person and still manage to bumble around awkwardly all over the place)

My first question (not really a question):  I hope the kallah is tall.  Their family is all ginormous.  Anyway, no, the kallah, Faigy, is about 5’2”; my height.  She had to stand on a box or something to have pictures taken.

Still, she’ll manage.  She is so lucky to be joining this family.  She couldn’t ask for nicer people, and I am utterly, utterly thrilled for them all.


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