(Kosher) Menu Plan Monday #19: 3 Tammuz, 5770

Newcomers, welcome! 

We are a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher. 

We have two sets of dishes, cooking pots and utensils (plus pareve stuff for veg prep & bread baking). 

We all eat meat, chicken, fish and dairy.  The kids prefer non-meat meals, and our ratio (outside of Shabbos) is generally 1:3 or 1:4 meat to non-meat meals.  I try to schedule one delicious non-animal-product-dependent meal each week on Thursdays (aka Vegan Vursdays). 

You can also visit my super-duper-list-tastic itemization of Everything We Eat (as well as the rest of this blog, of course).  

So last week was a WEIRD food week.  We ended up having meat three nights in a row (Tuesday, Wednesday and (yes, even VEGAN Vursday) Thursday.  (gasp!)

That’s because it turned out we had leftover swiss steak from Shabbos, and I didn’t want to just chuck it, so I turned it into (formerly vegan) burritos on Thursday.  They were delicious, but I burned the (kind of spanish) rice.  Drat!

Anyway, to atone for all that MEAT, we had a Topsy Turvy Shabbos, with a dairy meal at night and meat for lunch.  Somewhat irregular, at least for us.

So here’s how this week is shaping up!  (I update this daily as each meal takes shape…)

Monday (Ted’s late day):  Potato corn soup, Dr. Praeger’s fish sticks, tinned carrots – easy meal for my last ASL class.

curry 001 Tuesday:  Almost-vegan Indian-theme meal; homemade naan, potato/ cauliflower/pea creamy curry (dunno what it would be called), spinach/ tomato/tofu curry (paneer darbari).  I used yogurt in the potato curry, but with coconut milk instead, this meal would have been completely vegan.  And delicious!

Wednesday:  Meatloaf night!  Haven’t had one of those in a while!  Maybe instant mashpo on the side. (yes, and frozen mixed veg)

Thursday (totally vegan Vursday once more, I swear):  Oven-fried rice, w/chinese veg, tofu

Friday:  Dunno, dunno, dunno!  Meat!  Or chicken. Everybody loves Shabbos but the chicken, right?  P.S.  Oh – my mother says she’ll make brisket.

So that’s it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Shabbat has become a real challenge.

    My family loves my chicken soup and chicken....

    I cannot stand the smells and I do not want to be basari.

    I need milk. That's the only thing I really want to be able to eat. (that and ice cream...)

  2. For Shabbos this week, Bubbi was talking about making a brisket, which I encouraged her to do. So, brisket it is! - Ted


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