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Interesting: DovBear’s flotilla exchange with Mark Daly

I know, I know.  I never get political or “current-eventsy,” preferring to stick with what I know – like baking challah

But DovBear is hosting an interesting exchange right now with Irish senator Mark Daly about his decision to participate in the Gaza flotilla.  You can read the full dialogue here

It is interesting, if shockingly poorly spelled and punctuated for any kind of elected official.

I was startled – nay, shocked – by Daly’s answer to a reader asking, “Do you believe that the Palestinians are preaching peace and teaching their children to respect and acknowledge jewish people and zionists?”

His response?  “i been to the schools in the west bank i encouraged them to watch schindlers list to understand the position of the israeli people.”

Yup.  I’ll say it again:  "watch schindlers list to understand the position of the israeli people."  (I suspect he means the JEWISH Israeli people… not its loyal Arab or Bedouin citizens)

What "position" is that exactly? Hands up behind our heads, waiting to be shot? 

If, in reasonably tolerant North America, teaching the Shoah does little to foster understanding of Jewish identity (for Jews or non-Jews), what effect will it have in the Middle East?

Does he suddenly hope they'll start to feel sorry for us and let up the ceaseless barrage of hatred???

Did anybody see the movie "Paperclips" and come away thinking those kids learned anything about Judaism, or Zionism, other than - "hey, those are the people who Hitler killed six million of!" 

I wonder how much Daly knows about Judaism. From his comments, I suspect very little.  Feel free to read them all, though!