From the “Why Didn’t I Think of it Sooner?” department…

erevS 005For a few months, I’ve kept a bottle of olive oil in the bathroom.  I use it for hands, legs, even lips (why not?  it’s technically food, right?) and believe it works WAY better, and with far fewer unnecessary and unhealthy additives, than most of even the best and most “natural” lotions, creams, balms and smears.

Well, last week, I had the brilliant thought:  why do I keep opening and sloshing around this BIG mostly-empty bottle of oil?  Glass bottle + hard-tiled bathroom + hard porcelain fixtures = nothing good can come of this.

So I went to dollarama in search of an empty pump dispenser.  No luck, but they did have this attractive dispenser full of an “Olive Oil Soap,” with pictures of olives and everything.  The soap looked terrible – full of all kinds of horrid ingredients – but it only cost $1, which was how much I was prepared to pay for an empty bottle, so I bought it.

When I got home, I just poured out the junky stuff and rinsed the bottle really well with hot water.  And then stuck masking tape over the word SOAP.  I left the words “Olive Oil” and “Nourishes your skin” uncovered, because they are probably MORE true now than when I bought the thing.

Plus, at $7.99 for a big bottle of olive oil, which lasts just about forever in the bathroom,

Now every time someone wants oil, you just need to press lightly on the pump!  Turns out the pump has a nice short neck, meaning you only get a little.  There’s still some drippage on the edge of the sink, but it’s MUCH neater, and no more fiddling to get the lid on or off with slippery fingers… plus, no chance of a smashing glass bottle!


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