Free Kids’ Book… for no reason at all

This story came to me yesterday and Naomi loved it because her name is in it. It’s all about our family’s habit of finding some of our favouritest things ever at the curbs of other people’s houses. I thought if there were any other trash-pickin’ families, they might enjoy it, too.

Here’s a free JPG preview; yes, the illustrations are pure clip art. (All offers of free original artwork will be accepted… in case my sister Sara is reading this, who made a solemn vow as a toddler that when we grew up, I would write children’s stories and she would illustrate them.)

Meanwhile, the original is available in full sized PDF, without watermarks, by leaving a comment with your email address. All comments are moderated, so your email address will not be seen by anyone other than me.





  1. Adorable. When I was doing my EFL degree, we had to write stories to teach letters, and I had a then student illustrate for me. He's brilliantly talented.

  2. Actually, my husband is far beyond a brilliantly talented artist. He is mega-talented, in my opinion. I keep hinting to him that he could draw pictures for various little booky things that I put together, but he never takes the hint.

    This is much too early for someone in your time zone to be awake!!!

  3. I have to say, I was surprised that Ted wasn't already on board to illustrate!


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