Bejeweled SNAFU?

image Got this screen in Bejeweled this evening & took a screenshot so I could check around.  I cannot find a single place to make a  valid move.

In case you’re not familiar with Bejeweled, what you’re looking for is two jewels of the same colour and a third jewel that can be moved next to the first two to create a contiguous row (or column) of three or more identical jewels.

I clicked the Hint button but although it made the “tingle” hint noise, it did not reveal a move as happens nearly 100% of the time.  This has only happened to me once before, over a year ago.  So long ago I was beginning to think I’d made it up.

Can anyone spot a valid move?  Click on the screenshot to biggify it slightly.  Maybe I’m missing something very obvious…


  1. Can you move diagonally? or do diagonal lines count? If yes to both, then I've found two moves...

  2. Nope - no diagonals! Their wording: "swap adjacent gems to make sets of 3" (or more)


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